German Shepherd Sessile Oak


from the

Sessile Oak

Welpen von der Traubeneiche

Breeding spring 2020

On 02/08/2020  Has  "Tina of the sessile oak" (occupied by "Eric from the border") 8 puppies born. There are 5 males and 3 females. As far as can be seen now with nice dark pigmentation, also black. 

Thoughts on selecting breeding partners:

1.Tina: a daughter of "Inca of the sessile oak" ( one over "Ellute of the Poppy Meadow"  and Foxi from the sessile oak" drawn bitch). Her father “Unique from the Lobdeburg" (Tyrolean Winner 2013, Federal Vice Champion 2014, 2015 Universal Winner WM in Performance, 2016 WUSV WM SG)

Tina is a bitch with an open nature, very easy to handle and yet energetic, enormous basic speed in movement, with a super dark gray color.

2. Eric: black-brown male 65 cm tall, HD-ED normal (HD breeding value 71) he has 6 siblings, 5 of them are X-rayed, all are HD-ED normal.

Large, medium-sized. Good withers, straight back, good position and length of croup. Being secure and dominant, TSB pronounced.